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DCCS works with Various contractors and clients. We have experience working with mechanical and electrical building services contractors and consultants. We cater for a wide spectrum of building types and market sectors i.e. commercial buildings, sporting facilities, hospitals and clinics, residential buildings, hotels,


Most projects are often subject to complex legal and technical requirements, which we have to design to meet local authority criteria and building standards. We play a key role to help our client protect their investment by providing quality concept assessment to assist the princple consultant. We design for new and exisitng buildings.


Our ethos is to design clean, reduce waste, and deliver quality efficient building on time and within budget. 


Our proactive experienced engineers work tirelessly to get the design started as quickly as possible to avoid any delay, especially nowadays in London, which is a fast pace environment for commercial developments.


As part of the feasibility study, we usually carry out a desktop study to examine essential concepts such as likely live services, conditions, infrastructure requirements and scheduling. We also work with the relevant statutory authorities to coordinate any planning permission procedures. 

Our services at a glance

  • Carrying out a basic evaluation of key technical and financial issues
  • Creating a design concept
  • Producing draft preliminary drawings
  • Carrying out environmental impact studies
  • Carrying out visual surveys
  • Carrying out desktop surveys
  • Preparing mechanical and Publica health design drawings and specifications
  • Preparing electrical design drawings and specifications
  • Preparing paperwork for approval and authorisation
  • Liaising with all relevant core consultants and subconsultants, and statutory authorities.


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Tel: +44 (0) 787806 1116

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