Design Role

We engage with stakeholders at the earliest possble intervention to make sure oppurtunities are not missed, to ensure good practice engineering principles are considered to save on capital cost, operational costs, energy and carbon emissions. 


The design process can easily be drawn into a cost saving excersie unitentioanlly by the client and principle consultant, but as a consultantcy with experts with decades of experience we make sure the client's design aspitation is maintained without inhindering on the buildings energy and carbon emssions profile. it is important for us as a practice to promote green design and make inspire our stakeholders to embrace this key ethos, whcih we hold proudly. and for this reason we are a Low Carbon's Cosnultant.


Also during design, we work closely with other consultant and client team members to deliver the highest quality service to meet the desired budget, and in a timely fashion.


We fully comphrend the design processes working direcctly with clients, main constrctors or sub-contractors. We work to programme and deliver on time. we are more than happy to manage building services designs as well as undertaking an advisory role in the feasiblity stages of the design programme. 


Overview of design services


  • We carry out estate surveys on existing services. we develop a feasibility report to demonstrate in RAG format, services that needs immediate replacement, services and equipment that can be retained in the interim and services in good condition with a reasonable about of years of service remaining. This is carried out in accordance with reference to the CIBSE equipment life expectancy schedule. and obsolescence reviews of engineering systems on all types of facilities.


  • Building environmental modelling, energy and carbon assessments for improved operational profile throughuse of accredited software i.e. IES, hevacomp etc.


  • Whole life cycle costing and return on investment (payback) assessemnt for renewable technology.


  • Approved Low Carbon Eenergy Assessessment with accredited software. 


  • Detailed design and specification


  • Performance specification and employer requirements production


  • Facilities management services operations audit and improvement report with capital and payback cost analysis. 


  • Commissioning management services.


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